Re-Certification Process

About 12 weeks before the expiration date on your SORA card, you should be getting an e-mail notification from the NJSP Private Detective Unit to apply for renewal (if you're an AFI graduate, you should get an e-mail from us, too.). This renewal notification will go to the e-mail address listed on your initial website application. E-mail will be the only notification process; there is no other method of notification by the NJSP.

The renewal class is 8 hours, as opposed to the initial 24 hr course.
If you don't renew before your SORA certification expires, you'll have to re-apply for SORA certification and go though the initial process again ($75 application fee, fingerprint fee, 24 hours of training, etc.) At this time, there are only two costs for re-certification: the NJSP application fee and the class tuition fee.

We recommend you apply for re-certification 4 to 6 weeks before your current certification expires (check your card for the expiration date). You won't lose any time by re-certifying early.

Example #1: Your certification expires on November 23rd. You start getting the e-mail notifications in August or September, register for re-certification on October 11th, take the 8 hour re-certification class on October 17th, and are approved on October 28th. When you get your new card, it will still show your expiration date as November 23rd.

If your certification ends before you get your new card in the mail, you will not be permitted to work until that card arrives, and your employer must take you off the schedule, or face fines and penalties.

Example #2: Your certification expires on August 23rd. You start getting the e-mail notifications in May or June, apply for re-certification on August 13th, take the 8 hour re-certification class on August 19th and are approved on August 27th. You will not be permitted to work until that card arrives (probably early September), and your employer must take you off the schedule until you bring your new card in.

In order to apply for recertification, you'll need to log on to the NJSP website and enter your USER ID and PASSWORD. If your employer registered you originally, he or she can help you with this process. If you are not with that employer any more, you have two options: either contact that employer for the log on information, or click on the FORGOT MY USER ID link.

If you click Forgot Logon ID:
Select Place of Birth
Select Application ID or Certification # and type appropriate number in box
Enter Date of Birth

Then you'll have to answer the secret question, which was set up when you first registered.

Once you've gotten your USER ID and selected a new password, clink on the SECURITY OFFICER box and scroll down to SUBMIT RENEWAL.

Once you fill out the renewal application and pay the fee, you will be issued a new application number. There will not be a new temporary certificate, since you already have a certification card, so either print that screen/page or write that number down and keep it safe. This new application number is good from the day you apply until the expiration date on your current certification, whether it's 6 weeks, or 2 weeks, or 5 days, but NJSP recommends that you take the class within 2-3 weeks of applying for re-certification.

Once you've done that, you can go to to schedule your 8 hour recertification class. AFI's re-certification classes will be either one full day or two 4 hour sessions, depending on scheduling needs. Schedules will be posted elsewhere on this website.

If you've let your certification expire, you must log in as a RETURNING USER with your USER ID and PASSWORD. Select NEW APPLICATIONS from the drop down menu, and pick SECURITY OFFICER CERTIFICATION. You will not get a new certificate, and you must go through the fingerprint process and 24 hour class again.

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